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Cliff Kincaid, President of America’s Survival, Inc., concentrated in journalism and communications at the University of Toledo, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and came to Washington through a national journalism program headed by conservative author and journalist M. Stanton Evans. At his college newspaper, Cliff won an award for editorial writing from the Society of Professional Journalists. Cliff served on the staff of Human Events for several years and was an editorial writer and newsletter editor for former National Security Council staffer Oliver North at his Freedom Alliance educational foundation. He was a guest co-host on CNN’s Crossfire (filling in for Pat Buchanan) in the 1980s, where he confronted the then-Libyan Ambassador to the U.N. with evidence of Libyan involvement in international terrorism. Hired by Accuracy in Media (AIM) founder Reed Irvine out of college, Cliff today also serves as director of the Accuracy in Media (AIM) Center for Investigative Reporting. Cliff is the author or co-author of several books, including The Death of Talk Radio?, as well as Why You Can’t Trust the News, The Playboy Foundation, Profiles of Deception, The News Manipulators and Global Taxes for World Government. His articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Chronicles, Human Events, and other publications. Cliff’s media appearances include the CBS Evening News, NBC’s Today Show, Lou Dobbs Tonight, The Glenn Beck Show, Fox and Friends, The O’Reilly Factor, The Savage Nation, The G. Gordon Liddy Show, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Frontline and Voice of America..

ASI was the first national organization to warn of global taxes and the proposed International Criminal Court, holding news conferences on these matters at the National Press Club and on Capitol Hill. Cliff was an advocate on behalf of the families of victims of terrorism, including the families of victims of the Pan Am 103 bombing. He started the project on “Justice for Victims of Weather Underground Terrorism” to emphasize the need for action on cold cases involving communist terrorist violence. ASI has held conferences examining such topics as global jihad, Marxism in America, and the performance on justice issues of the Obama/Holder Administration. ASI obtained and released the FBI files on Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis, “historian” Howard Zinn, feminist Bella Abzug, and Harry Hay, the founder of the modern gay rights lobby. An editorial writer and reporter by training, Cliff enjoys conducting on-the-spot filmed interviews with Marxists and various left-wing activists, including Bernardine Dohrn, AFL-CIO official Karen Nussbaum and Russian TV star Thom Hartmann, none of whom took kindly to being captured on camera.


Tina Trent, PhD. was born in Poughkeepsie, New York and received a degree in English Literature from New College of Florida.  She spent years working in Atlanta’s convention industry, where she decertified ILGPNWU, a crooked union she and her co-workers were forced to join.  She served in V.I.S.T.A. delivering healthcare to Vietnamese and Somali refugees during Operation Homecoming, and worked as a court-appointed advocate for children, a rape crisis worker, and a lobbyist for various groups, including victims of crime and the Georgia Association of Kidney Patients.  She served on a committee to address Atlanta’s teen and child prostitute crisis, lobbied for passage and funding of Georgia’ model DNA database, and led the opposition to passage of Georgia’s Hate Crimes Law, the only such law to be overturned by the courts.  She has worked with vulnerable children in Atlanta’s worst neighborhoods.  In 1996 she sponsored Iranian Dissident Parvin Darabi’s protest of the presence of Iran’s team at the Atlanta Olympics.

Dr. Trent studied under Dr. Elizabeth Fox-Genovese at Emory University’s Institute for Women’s Studies and continued working as a personal assistant to Drs. Fox-Genovese and Eugene Genovese until Dr. Fox-Genovese’s death in 2007.  Dr. Trent’s academic work examines the impact of social movements on criminal justice.

Dr. Trent’s advocacy for women and children brought her in close contact with left-wing political networks in the South throughout the 1990’s.  She worked (very briefly) for A.C.O.R.N. in New Orleans in 1991 and observed their organization, and later served on boards with the ACORN front-group, Project Vote, and other leftist groups, a relationship that ended when she came out against the Georgia hate crimes bill.  She currently lives in Florida, where she is researching turn-of-the-century socialist and anarchist settlements in Florida.  She has published editorials and columns about politics and crime for several newspapers in Florida and Georgia, and she blogs at Crime Victims Media Report.


Trevor Loudon is a New Zealand-based researcher and libertarian political activist who specializes in the often covert influence of left-wing groups on mainstream politics. He blogs at  and is responsible for the site that is an encyclopedia of information on the far-left. His research on Barack Obama’s radical ties gained widespread coverage in 2008 and was cited by National Review Online, Accuracy in Media, American Thinker, Frontpage Magazine, World Net Daily, the UK Spectator and many leading blogs and websites. He broke the story about Obama’s childhood mentor being Communist Party mentor Frank Marshall Davis and was the first to disclose the facts concerning Obama White House official Van Jones’s communist background. The story was picked up by Glenn Beck, then with Fox News, leading to Jones’ ouster from the administration. On the back cover of Trevor’s new book, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within, Cliff Kincaid writes, “Trevor Loudon is responsible for some of the most sensational scandal stories about the Obama Administration appearing in the conservative media in the United States. He does the digging, using original source documents and hard-to-find congressional hearings into communism and subversion. This book features some of his best work. We are proud to have featured him at several of our conferences.” Trevor and Cliff wrote the report, From Arms to Education to Political Power: the SDS and the Weather Underground, which analyzed how Ayers, Dohrn and their comrades were laying the groundwork for another generation of radical left activists – the same kind we are witnessing in the activities of the “Occupy” movement across America.

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