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Soros-Connected Reporter Targets ‘Dreams’ Filmmaker

Press Release                                                                     October 29, 2012


Soros-Connected Reporter Targets ‘Dreams’ Filmmaker – May Have Used Confidential Bank Information

Dreams from My Real Father Director Joel Gilbert says that unknown parties appear to have illegally acquired “private company bank information” and are targeting customers who purchased large quantities of his DVD, as well as a limited partner. Gilbert feels the illegal activity might ultimately be an attempt to target GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Joel Gilbert

Gilbert’s ‘Dreams from My Real Father’ film is the number one documentary on Amazon and is available on Netflix. Although Gilbert anticipated a legitimate critical examination of his film, he didn’t expect that it might include illegal hacking of his bank accounts or other improper means of mining personal and confidential information.

“I have contacted my bank’s fraud department and they are investigating. They assured me they have a record of times and locations my company bank accounts were accessed, and will turn the information over to law enforcement and the FBI.”

To date, Gilbert is aware that information in his bank’s online servers, which can only be accessed with a confidential user ID and password, is being used by Seth Rosenfeld, who describes himself as “a former reporter for the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle and winner of the George Polk Award.”

Rosenfeld, who is believed to be affiliated with the George Soros-funded Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), is author of a new book: SubversivesThe FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power.”

Commenting today on the “investigative reporting” tactics of Rosenfeld that began last Thursday October 25th, Gilbert said:

  1. “Rosenfeld called me and referred to bank deposit amounts that he purported to be bank wire transfers received in my company bank account, and asked what they were used for. I was so shocked that he claimed to have confidential bank information, I told him to send an email and hung up, but no email was received.”
  2. “Rosenfeld called a company limited partner on a private number and fraudulently introduced himself as being with the Romney campaign. When the partner said he wasn’t interested in discussing anything, Rosenfeld admitted to being a reporter and began citing the partner’s confidential bank wiring history. The partner hung up.”
  3. “Rosenfeld called the elderly mother of a customer who had purchased a large quantity of DVDs by check.  Rosenfeld tricked the woman into giving out her son’s home phone number by fraudulently pretending to be an old friend. When Rosenfeld called the customer, Rosenfeld cited the amount of the check, and asked about his political beliefs, and asked by name whether he knew others who made purchases from my company.”
  4. Another large quantity DVD customer was contacted by Rosenfeld on his private unlisted cell phone number. Again, Rosenfeld cited the customer’s transfer amount to my company, asked what it was for, and asked him to detail his political opinions and any donations to Republican campaigns, including Romney’s.

“The only way our banking information could have been obtained would have been through illegal hacking into our private company bank accounts,” Gilbert said. “The information was not public.”

Gilbert concluded, “the story Rosenfeld seems to be concocting is that, because a few DVD buyers may be Romney supporters, the Romney campaign must somehow be involved,” he said.  Gilbert continued, “this won’t work because number one, I have no association with the Romney campaign, and number two, the evidence in my film is overwhelming that Obama’s real biological father is Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist Party USA propagandist who became Obama’s ideological father. Barack Obama is a red diaper baby.”

Gilbert stated, “the coming attack on my film by Seth Rosenfeld may be a last gasp dirty trick by the Soros funded network of communist front organizations.”

Gilbert continued, “My company is a private media firm, not a political action committee. We engage in investigative journalism and publicize our information and products, just like other media organizations,” he said.

Gilbert has described his mass mailing publicity efforts of the DVD as “guerilla marketing” to force the major media to cover the film and expand awareness.  “We are seeking theatrical distribution, TV deals worldwide, and I am contemplating a sequel as well as a follow on book project.  Dreams from My Real Father details one of the greatest possible frauds of all time.  Like All the President’s Men, I expect my film to be profitable for years to come.”

Gilbert added, “if Rosenfeld or anyone assisting Rosenfeld hacked into my company’s bank accounts, they could be prosecuted for violating privacy and banking laws.

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