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More on Soros Threats Against Beck

Beck talks about $1 million “bounty on my head.”

We have broken the story about a private investigator documenting threats against the staff of Glenn Beck, ultimately forcing the Fox News Channel star off the air. Our report is the first time that documentation has been offered, independently of Beck, about these threats. This is a serious matter that strikes at the heart of the First Amendment. However, Beck has talked about some of this on his radio show, and we believe it is important to get this information on the record as well. This video shows Beck talking about the threats (at about 4:55 in the video). Beck was exposing Soros and his “interests” and was told by a top Soros operative to stop. Beck said, “That sounds like a threat to me.”  It is time to expose this scandal and “Bring Back Beck.” For more background, read our report, “How George Soros Sacked Glenn Beck.”  Beck refers to the $1 million Soros contribution to Media Matters to destroy Beck as a “bounty on my head.”

Beck talks about threats from Soros top operative

Beck said the answer is to “spread the word” about Soros. This is what we are doing through the Help us. Contribute to our efforts by clicking here.

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