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The Soros Plot Against Israel


If you’re wondering who’s funding the network of left-wing, non-government organizations in Israel, which aim to topple Netanyahu’s government and turn Israel into an Arab majority state, it turns out to be the same man who’s funding the Occupy Wall Street mobs: George Soros. Tel Aviv has had to contend with the same left-wing protests, tents and all, obviously all coordinated by one central global puppeteer.

That is why the Israeli Knesset passed the NGO Funding Transparency Bill by 40 to 34 in February. It was a hard-fought battle. But despite its neutered state, the bill survived and was enacted. It is a declaration of war by the conservative Likud Party against the shadow NGO empire being used by George Soros to shape the future of Israel. Its liberal opponents called it a “threat to democracy”…

Soros’ global reach is what is contributing to world-wide economic and political disequilibrium. His attempt to overthrow the Netanyahu government is a particularly odious campaign. He has aroused intense hatred among many supporters of Israel…

It is obvious that Barack Obama’s attitude toward Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu has been shaped by his puppetmaster. He takes his instructions from the Shadow Party, that network of private organizations that now controls the policies of the Democratic Party, which is pursuing goals that are never openly discussed in public. These goals embody a fundamental hostility to American institutions and even to American sovereignty as a nation.

Much of the Shadow Party’s power lies in the public’s ignorance of its existence and purposes, and its ability to hide its radicalism behind the usual Washingtonian political rhetoric. Obama’s recent interview on 60 Minutes was typical of his ability to say nothing while appearing to say something. He even mentioned that some of his Republican critics call him a socialist! He didn’t deny that he was a socialist; he simply assumed that most viewers would gather from his demeanor that such an accusation was totally ridiculous.

However, the only government in the world which wants to expose the existence of the Shadow Party and how it uses its hidden power is the conservative Israeli government. And that is why its enactment of the NGO Funding Transparency Bill is an extremely important measure in exposing to the world and Americans in particular how the Shadow Party works. And that’s all the more reason why Soros wants to get rid of Netanyahu.

…should a conservative Republican government take power in Washington in January 2013, the first act of Congress should be a full-scale investigation of the Shadow Party and its clandestine activities in the United States. The exercise of stealth, hidden money, bribery, and intimidation to achieve political power in Washington should be exposed for what it is: wholesale corruption of the political process. Only by enacting our own transparency law will we be able to protect Americans from the kind of fraud and deception that led to a socialist takeover of the White House.

By Sam Blumenfeld

Source: The New American. Read the rest at

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