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Remarks of Zubi Diamond to America’s Survival, Inc.

“Barack Obama is Louis Farrakhan
and Karl Marx rolled into one.”

Remarks of Zubi Diamond, author of Wizards of Wall Street, to America’s Survival, Inc.

October 27, 2011, “Soros Files” conference. *

My fellow Americans:

The 2012 Presidential election will be about the economy: Who has the solution to fix this crisis? Would capitalism be saved or would socialism be permanently installed?

What’s ailing our economy is specific, and the solution to fix the problem is specific. It is like, if someone removed the batteries from your car, and your car will not start.

You can buy new tires for that car, give the car a new paint job, that car will not start, until someone lifts the hood and replaces the battery.

I am here today because I am concerned about my country. I want to fix this economic crisis.

I will define for you what is the root cause of the problem and I will give you the solution to fix and eradicate the problem.

Zubi Diamond


There are enemies within our borders who want the capitalist system to collapse, in order to give rise to socialism.

I use the word enemies because as Americans we are a capitalist nation — Republicans, Democrats and independents alike. Capitalism is synonymous with America. Capitalism is Americanism.  When someone wants to collapse the capitalist system, that means they want to collapse America and that makes them an enemy of the state.

They are a very small minority in the Democratic Party tent. At the helm of this group of people is George Soros and his puppet in the White House — Barack the anti-capitalist Obama.

He is the embodiment of that constituency, who are united in hate against America; the Marxists and the Islamists, and the blame America first radicals. He is their prince.

Know thine enemy is the first rule of battle. This way you will understand whom and what you are dealing with. Barack Obama is Louis Farrakhan and Karl Marx rolled into one. He hates America just like his master George Soros.

George Soros is the money behind Barack Obama. And Barack Obama is beholden to him. Barack Obama’s allegiance is not to the United States of America. His allegiance is to George Soros’s New World Order, a one world socialist government.

George Soros is a hedge fund short seller. The hedge fund short sellers on Wall Street organized themselves into a lobbying company called Managed Funds Association (MFA). George Soros is a member of its Founders Council.

Through this lobbying company, George Soros carried out his subversion of capitalism agenda.

Managed Funds Association, representing George Soros and the other Hedge Fund short sellers, lobbied the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They lied to the SEC, they lied to the Congress and the Senate. They deceived and influenced Christopher Cox at the SEC to remove the structural underpinnings of capitalism, the safeguard regulations put in place since 1938 to prevent a repeat of the stock market crash of 1929, which led to the great depression, from occurring again.

This safeguard regulation is designed to prevent the Hedge Fund short sellers from being able to manipulate the stock market, by putting downward pressure on stock prices, causing panic share declines. These regulations protected the publicly traded companies and their shareholders, the corporations and the investors. It served as the legal protection for the invested capital. It did work, two years later in 1940, when we were out of the Great Depression.

George Soros wanted to remove those safeguard regulations to collapse the capitalist system, sink our economy back into depression era conditions, and make a ton of money doing so. For him, it was for political gain and financial gain.

“George Soros is the money behind Barack Obama. And Barack Obama is beholden to him; Barack Obama’s allegiance is not to the United States of America. His allegiance is to George Soros’s New World Order, a one world socialist government.”

The other members of Managed Funds Association went along with him because of greed for financial gain worth billions and billions of dollars. They formed an alliance of thieves with George Soros. They dismantled the structural underpinnings of capitalism by removing the short sale restriction regulation, circuit breakers and trading curbs, and they imposed an asset devaluating regulations called mark to market accounting on the banks and financial institutions to devalue our homes, allowing them to rake in billions and billions of dollars of profits, from our devalued home mortgages through short selling and synthetic cdo’s, (cds derivatives).  The economy collapsed and $11 trillion was looted from the U.S. economy. They broke open the bank’s vault, so to speak. It was a free-for-all looting.

This attack on the capitalist system was an attack on America, evident in the carnage and ruin it left behind. It was a regime change — the collapse of American capitalism to install socialism. As Barack Obama will put it, the transformation of America has begun.

It was characterized by the destruction of the housing market, devaluation of our homes, collapses of several banks and corporations, retirement portfolio wipe out, some deaths by suicide, massive job losses, lay-offs, rising unemployment, home foreclosures and government takeovers of corporations, sustained with a wasteful stimulus spending and massive debt and deficits. This was an attack on the American people and their finances. And the hardship it created is insuperable, very difficult to overcome with their home equity wiped out.

The reasons for the economic crisis, the carnage of destruction it left behind and the hardship it inflicted on American people, are the sins of George Soros and the Hedge Fund short sellers on Wall Street. They are members of Managed Funds Association.

Their siege against Americans and capitalism has not abated. It has continued and persisted with a choke hold on the economy, evident in the increased volatility in our stock market, as they keep preying on investors, vacuuming and sucking liquidity out of the economy. They are serving the cause of Marxism by looting the capital that is needed for job creation, the capital that is needed for economic growth and expansion.

Currently, it is the crimes committed by George Soros and the hedge fund short sellers against the American people that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are protesting.

But they are protesting against the wrong target, because of misinformation. The bankers, the corporations or the loan consumers, the borrowers, did not cause this economic crisis, neither did George W. Bush They are all victims of George Soros and the hedge fund short sellers.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters mistakenly are protesting the good Wall Street which provides goods and services and much needed jobs and employment. They are wrongfully protesting the corporations which fund the loans that finance everybody’s homes, businesses, and whatever little economic growth we have today.

Their anger should be directed at the bad Wall Street — George Soros and the hedge fund short sellers, who engineered and collapsed our economy. They bear one hundred percent of the blame for the economic crisis and the insuperable hardship it inflicted on Americans.

Secondly, the anger of the occupy Wall Street protesters should be directed at the elected government officials, Democrats and Republican leadership who allowed this heinous crime to be committed against the American people. They bear one hundred percent of the blame for their betrayal of public trust, selling their office and influence to the highest bidder lobbyists: The people whom we have elected and trusted have failed us. They all deserve to be fired, every one of them — except Senator Jim DeMint and the Tea Party freshman elected in 2010.

Thirdly, the anger of the Occupy Wall Street protesters should be directed at Barack the anti-capitalist Obama for being in bed with the bad Wall Street, namely, George Soros and the hedge fund short sellers of Managed Funds Association hence his refusal and failure to fix the economic crisis.

The Obama administration should be more accurately called “The Obama / Soros administration.”

The Bad Wall Street which engineered, looted and collapsed our economy are the ones in control of our government today. They have been given a seat at the table in the White House. They do not want the safeguard regulations, which they removed to loot and collapse the economy, be restored, because it will prevent them from manipulating the stock market and looting investors’ capital, and it will set free the country and its economy which is held hostage by George Soros and the hedge fund short sellers.

If you restore the rules, George Soros’ transformation of America and the march to socialism will come to an end. Capitalism will be restored.

Barack Obama does not want that.

The media should investigate and report. And stop being cheerleaders for Obama. And stop spreading misinformation about the reason for the economic crisis. Stop spreading falsehood. Telling the truth shall set our country free.

George Soros and the hedge fund short sellers — members of MFA — engineered the economic collapse. They were Barack Obama supporters. They put him in office.

Barack Obama made a sympathetic statement in support of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, echoing similar comments made by George Soros and that is typical of politicians. They create a problem and they turn around and campaign and run for re-election against the same problem they created.

Barack Obama has done everything he is not supposed to do, and he has failed to do the things he is supposed to do to fix the economic crisis. And that is the behavior profile of someone with a hidden agenda.

George Soros is an enemy of the state. So what does that make his puppet, his top agent occupying the White House? Can you say “Enemy agent” ? Double 0 Barack. Yes. Secret Agent, Double 0 Barack.

Mission: Transform America from a capitalist system economy to government-controlled socialism.

Now that he is in the White House, how does he go about his mission?

He will take no positive action which could help the economy to recover. He will suffocate and smother the economy through his legislative reforms and changes at the regulatory agencies. He will shun America’s allies and embrace her enemies because the enemies of his enemy (America) are his friends.

He will diminish America’s global influence and will unilaterally disarm America, her missile defense system, tactical combat weapons and nuclear weapons.

Wherever Americans hide their money, be it in Switzerland, he will disregard long- standing traditions, bank secrecy laws and the Constitution. He will take away their money and waste it.

He will circumvent the constitution. Whatever reforms he can’t get through legislation, he will obtain through regulation or executive order.

He will pursue job-killing policies. Wage a war against the private sector and destroy the private sector economy. Hamstring the economy, waste and deplete and flush down the drain as much money as possible to prevent Americas economic recovery till the mission goal assignment of collapse of American capitalism is achieved.

Everything else he does in between is subordinate to this mission. Everything else he does in between is self-serving — all done in an effort not to blow his cover, and win reelection.

The Killing of Bin Laden

And that includes the killing of Osama Bin Laden, which he ran to the microphone to take credit for, and the media is buzzing with praise for him.

I do not share their sentiment.

None of these operations was initiated by Obama. They were all as a result of initiatives taken by others such as his predecessor George W. Bush, and our CIA and the military or the French President, Sarkozy, in the case of Libya.

If anything, I will say  (to use a football analogy) he blocked our touch down play so we settled for a field goal. He did this by denying us the opportunity of taking bin Laden, his family and 3 guards captive to a secret location and water board him to give up his terror network. That way, the CIA could set up a drag net operation to snag Ayman al-Zawahiri and the rest of the gang and terminate them.

That would have been a touchdown play, a knockout victory. Obama blocked it.

People tend to forget his administration denied there is a war on terror and will not use the word terrorists.

Barack Obama gave Osama bin Laden a 45 minute burial to honor him as a fallen holy warrior. Obama respects and admires Bin Laden, just like most Moslems do. He was grieving and mourning the death of Bin Laden. That’s why he gave him a burial, no other reason, he had no choice but to execute him in order not to blow his own cover and to deny us a touchdown victory. He told us not to celebrate bin Laden’s death, no spiking of the ball at the end zone. He refused to let us see the bin Laden death pictures.

Obama had no choice but to act on the intelligence he was given. He could not save Osama bin Laden. All eyes were on him. National security and CIA officials were watching. Killing bin Laden is subordinate to his mission of destruction of America. He had to give the go-ahead.

The Libya Mission

On Libya: The media again are giving him credit for the Gaddafi termination but are still blaming Bush for the economy. Moammar Gaddafi was collateral damage of the Soros- financed Arab spring, intended to strip America of her Middle Eastern allies and to leave Israel surrounded by her enemies. The French had to drag Obama to acquiesce on Libya but he was quick to take credit for the death of Gaddafi, as he did with the bin Laden killing.

Barack Obama will never do anything to benefit America.

He pulled the missile defense system intended to be installed in Poland and got nothing in return for it from the Russians.

He is giving away our technology to China and Russia, which were previously restricted to them.He wants to give away America’s technology advantage to other nations.

The uprising in Iran? He abstained and let the democracy demonstrators get crushed.

Leaving Iraq

He just turned over Iraq to Muqtada al-Sadr and Iran by his complete troop withdrawal, making it difficult for America to engage Iran in the near future, to halt their development of nuclear weapons.

Barack Obama has shunned our allies and has embraced our enemies. He pursues a policy of giving away any advantage America may have over other countries, to slow us down and allow other nations to catch up. He does not want America to lead, be it in technology, military superiority or the economy.

Barack Obama is striving for his spiritual self-perfection, which is his holy war against the capitalist Americans. He is waging a personal Jihad against America, keeping faith with his religion, Islam, which in all reality is a political movement . Barack Obama is a Moslem.

He mocks Christianity and Christians — just like Louis Farakhan. He mocks the Holy Bible just like Louis Farrakhan. He is a Moslem radical in the likes of Malcolm X and Malik Shabazz. But for political expediency, he has to say that he converted to Christianity, because he knows, as a Muslim, he will not be elected President to affect the changes he discussed with Khalid Mansour. He was selected before he was elected.His proclamation to be a Christian is consistent with the teachings of Islam in which he had to become one with the enemy to change the enemy from within.

Barack Obama, just like his Master, George Soros, is an enemy of the state operating undercover.

America’s Enemies

So, Agent Double O Barack — prove me wrong, Stop leading from behind, initiate one single action against America’s enemies. You can start with Syria. That one is easy. It is already Teed up for you. Get rid of Assad.

Hugo Chavez is seeking nuclear weapons and is hosting Russian nuclear bombers in our hemisphere. Get rid of him too. And disarm Iran.

Have you condemned and admonished the leaders of Moslem majority countries for not protecting and allowing slaughter of minority Christians in their country? Stop the pogrom, stop the genocide.

Have you launched any investigation to find out who gave the Chinese our stealth bomber technology ?

You can fool some people sometimes, but you cannot fool all the people all of the times.

George Soros and Obama are working together, hand in hand.  The Occupy Wall Street demonstration is organized by Soros-sponsored organizations to help them achieve their goal of the final collapse of capitalism to install socialism.

But that is not what Americans wanted when they voted for Obama. Not even the Democrats want that.

Americans do not want Obama’s Marxist socialism. Americans do not want redistribution of wealth.

Your children’s inheritance belongs to your children and not to Barney Frank or some poor people in Africa or in the Middle East or anywhere around the world.

America needs to reject the socialist coup, defeat and throw Obama out of office, investigate what really caused the economic crisis, and let’s find out what he knew, and when he knew it, why is he protecting the looters and let’s see if his legacy will be the first Black President or the first U.S. president to be in hand cuffs.

Going back a few months ago, the fear and trepidation over the disastrous consequences of not raising the debt ceiling,due to the vulnerability of the U.S. economy, was  because of the choke hold George Soros and the hedge fund short sellers of MFA have on our economy in that there is no legal protection for the invested capital, no effective safeguard rules in the stock market, no legal protection for the corporations and their shareholders and investors.

They have rigged the U.S. economy and stock market to crash on command.

They are holding the economy and the country hostage.

If you did not raise the debt ceiling they will crash the stock market and collapse the U.S. economy right now. If you raise the debt ceiling, America gets a reprieve till 2013, or till after the election, before they crash the market and collapse the economy anyway.

Their plans to further attack America in 2013 for the final collapse of capitalism is already in place with ignition triggers waiting for the last command.

The trap is already set and sprung, but they can be stopped. I can deactivate and unspring the trap – if given the authority to do so.

The person in power to fix this economic crisis has been bought and paid for by George Soros and the hedge fund short sellers and that is your President Barack Obama.  If he wins reelection America will cease to exist as a capitalist nation because he will ensure that the final collapse does occur — a big pay day for George Soros and the hedge fund short sellers.

So we are now at a crossroads in America. The battle lines are drawn and the choices are clear: Capitalism vs Socialism. Is it going to be the tyranny of socialism or the freedom of capitalism? That is what the 2012 election result will decide.

So who is most suitable to carry the banner of capitalism to battle, to defend the Republic, our freedom and property rights, and defeat Obama and Soros for USA survival as a capitalist nation?

Clueless Candidates

The current cast of presidential candidates has no clue how to fix this economic crisis.

The U.S. economy collapsed in 2008. Was it because of the health care bill, or higher taxes, or entitlement programs, or lack of drilling for crude oil, or poor infrastructures because America do not have any good roads and bridges.

The answer is no


Well, that’s what the candidates and politicians including Obama are talking about, and offering as solutions to fix the economic crisis.

Has any one of the candidates mentioned anything about fixing the housing market?


Have any of the politicians running for President told you how they will restore your vanished, wiped out, home equity wealth.


Have they told you how they will protect the value of your home, so it would stop declining in value and start appreciating in value?


They do not know how.

How about your investments in your retirement portfolio or your investment in the financial markets in general?

Have the politicians talked to you about protecting your invested capital? Or fixing the broken stock market to end extreme volatility, which is the instrument of stock price manipulation and fraud?


Has any one of these candidates running for President, including the dummy in the White House, correctly answered Greta VanSusteren’s favorite question for presidential candidates:  How do you get the private sector to start creating jobs again?


They do not know how.

Today, unemployment is the problem, but the politicians have no answer or solution

In all the areas of the economy where it directly affects and impacts your life, or the life of people you know, these candidates have no answer. No solution

So why would you think you already found the right candidate to be the next president.

But if they listen to me, for the first time they will know how we got into this crisis, which is the key to fixing the problem.

It will take me three months to put in the necessary structures in place, and twelve months afterwards the economy will be completely recovered and the recovery will be permanent.

The following is a summary, bullet points of specifics, or guidelines of how I will fix the economic crisis:


  • Reinstate the uptick rule.
  • Abolish mark-to-market accounting and replace it with historic cost accounting.
  • Dismantle and discontinue trading on all the short ETFs, also called leveraged inverse ETFs.
  • Reinstate the circuit breakers and trading curb.
  • Regulate the Hedge Funds just like you do mutual funds and pension funds.
  • Regulate speculation on crude oil futures by banning margin and leveraging except for the airline industry or any other end user that can actually take delivery of the commodity.
  • Reduce interest rates for residential home mortgages to 3.5% for every American, including the so-called rich people with jumbo loans. They are Americans too. Implement a housing market stabilization program with a Five year home loan payment forbearance in exchange for (plus) 5 year mortgage life extension retroactive. (From November 5th 2008, or January 1st 2009) with the initial teaser rate converted to a fully amortized rate over 35-40 years. with no loss of invested capital to the lenders.

When you implement the above 7 point action plan solution, you will have

restored the structural underpinnings of capitalism. You would have put in place the legal protection for the invested capital, and the protection for our home value and home equity value.

When you implement the above 7- point action plan solution, you would have also

solved the home mortgage crisis, fixed and stabilized the housing market, fix and stabilized the broken stock market, heal the private sector economy so it can start creating jobs and bring the unemployment rate below 5% and keep it below 5%, and that will restore the American dream, a healthy private sector economy and America’s leadership role as the global economic super power.

And in addition to the above, the next President should:

  • End the slaughter of minority Christians in Moslem majority countries or by Moslem-dominated governments around the world.

The next president should also:

  • Strengthen the U.S. dollar and reduce gas prices at the pump.Solve the illegal immigration problem and resolve the quagmire presented by the 20 million or so illegal aliens already in the country.

The next president should also:

  • Secure a constitutional amendment to balance the budget without raising taxes.
  • Reduce the national deficit without cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and national defense.

No earmarks. No new taxes. Uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Investigate what really caused the economic crisis and bring those responsible to account for their actions and bring them to justice.

Thank you. And God Bless.


*These remarks are the personal views of Zubi Diamond and do not necessarily reflect the views of America’ Survival, Inc. and/or its officials and board members.

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