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Fund for the European University at St. Petersburg

Grantee:        Fund for the European University at St. Petersburg
Ranking:       17th highest grantee, 2005 — 2009
Received:     $5,000,000
Type:             Academic Endowments
Issues:           Education, Creating Public Experts (in St. Petersburg)

About:  The European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP) was founded in 1994 as a privately endowed graduate school, one of the first in post-Soviet Russia.  The OSI and Soros Foundations Network were among the schools€™ first funders, joined by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Ford Foundation, The Spencer Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Municipal Government of St. Petersburg.

The EUSP runs programs taught in English and Russian.  It is considered one of the leading universities in humanities and social sciences in Russia.


  • Department of Anthropology (before 2008 – Department of Ethnology)
  • Department of History
  • Department of Art History
  • Department of Political Science and Sociology
  • Department of Economics

Research and Training Centers:

  • Archival Training Centre
  • Center for Environmental and Technological History
  • Center for European Studies
  • Debates in the conference hall, 2004
  • Center for Field Ethnological Research
  • Computing Centre
  • Gender Studies
  • Interdepartmental Center «Res publica»
  • Interdepartmental Center «Petersburg Judaica»
  • International MA in Russian and Eurasian Studies (IMARES)
  • Language Centre
  • Oral History Center
  • The program “Executive Master of Philosophy”
  • The program “Promoting Social Studies of Education in Russia”

Soros Funding:  In 2008, the OSI contributed $5 million towards the creation of an endowment.  Funding was administered through Bard College.


  • 1995—2003, Dr. Boris Firsov, a well-known sociologist and the central figure in the creation of the EUSP, served as Rector of the University. Today, Dr. Firsov is Honorable Rector of the EUSP and works here as a researcher.
  • 2003-2009, Dr. Nikolai Vakhtin held two terms as Rector of the University.
  • In June 2009, Dr. Oleg Kharkhordin was elected Rector of the EUSP.


  • Oleg Kharkhordin, Rector, Professor, Department of Political Science and Sociology
  • Boris Kolonitsky, First Vice-Rector, Professor, Department of History, Leading Research Associate, Saint-Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Alexander Kurylev, Vice-Rector for Development
  • Galina Lisitsyna, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Director of Archival Training Center, Lecturer at the Department of History
  • Vadim Volkov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Professor at the Department of Political Science and Sociology, Head of the Research Institute for the Rule of Law
  • Leonid Ravnushkin, Vice-Rector for General Affairs
  • Svetlana Lavrova, Financial Director EUSP, Executive Director of the EUSP Russian Endowment Fund
  • Boris Firsov, Senior Researcher, Honored Rector of the EUSP

Trustees:  (Note: the trustee board may not be up-to-date)

  • The 2007-2009 Board is chaired by Professor Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the State Hermitage Museum.
  • Lev Borkin, Representative of the Founding Members on the Board of Trustees (from St.Petersburg Association of Scientists and Scholars)
  • Alexi Кudrin, Prime-Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation(RF) — Finance Minister of the RF
  • Dmitry Kurakin, Representative of the Founding Members on the Board of Trustees (from St. Petersburg City Property Management Commitee)
  • Bernard Sucher, Member of the Board of Directors of Aton Investment Group
  • Prince Hans-Georg (Georgii) Yourievsky, Swiss businessman and philanthropist
  • Gail Lapidus, Professor Emerita of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Elena Chernyshkova, Chief of training for non-governmental and educational organizations, Odgers Berndtson
  • Irina Eliseeva, Representative of the Founding Members on the Board of Trustees (from the Institute for Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Leonid Rukhovets, Representative of the Founding Members of the Board of Trustees(from St. Petersburg Institute of Economic and Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • William Rosenberg, Professor, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, USA)
  • Harley Balzer, Professor, Georgetown University (USA)
  • Simon Franklin, Professor of Slavonic Studies, University of Cambridge

See Also: Bard College, Indiana University/AUCA Addendum

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