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Alliance for Climate Protection

Grantee:        Alliance for Climate Protection
Ranking:       5th highest grantee, 2005 — 2009
Received:     $10,000,000
Type:             Public Policy, Membership Organization
Issues:           Climate Change, Media

About:  The Alliance for Climate Protection, founded in 2006 by former Vice President Al Gore, boasts 5,000,000 members worldwide and access to leaders from the academic, political, financial, and entertainment industries.  Membership may consist merely of registering on-line.  The Alliance promotes green energy, green jobs, cap-and-trade schemes, and green investing through campaigns such as Repower America (encouraging political support for green policies), the Climate Project (volunteers offering screenings of Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth), Repower at Home (encouraging home energy savings), The WE Campaign ($300 million television campaign), the Reality Coalition (advertising campaign to counter images of “clean coal”), and a lobbying affiliate, the Climate Protection Action Fund.

From the Alliance’s 2009 990 tax form: The Alliance for Climate Protection launched the Repower America Campaign to galvanize the American public around a bold new clean energy plan and a revitalized national energy infrastructure that will jumpstart our economy and create millions of jobs, help end our dependence on foreign oil, reward innovation and job creation, not polluters, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow the threat of climate change.

The Alliance appears to focus its energies on advertising campaigns.  The Alliance reported spending $35,743,215 on its Repower America green economy initiative in 2009.   Expenditures for “strategic communications” and “advertising and media” that year included approximately $34 million to four agencies:

  • The Glover Park Group, Washington D.C.  $27,231,0151
  • Ingenuity Media Group, Philadelphia, PA   $3,539,739
  • Crispin Porter & Bogusky LLC                    $3,103,358
  • The Martin Agency                                       $367,859

Mission Statement: Our mission is to persuade the American people and people elsewhere in the world of the importance and urgency of adopting and implementing effective and comprehensive solutions for the climate crisis. The Alliance will engage in both large-scale mass persuasion and individual engagement activities to catalyze a culture shift that is required for government and business leaders to develop an effective domestic framework and international treaty.

Soros Funding:  In 2008 and again in 2009, George Soros donated $5 million to the Alliance.


  • Maggie L. Fox, President and CEO, former President of America Votes, a coalition of unions, abortion rights, Hispanic, and environmental groups working to influence ballot, registration, and election laws.
  • Dennis O’Brien, CFO
  • Margaret Cusack, Chief of Staff

Board of Directors:

  • Theodore Roosevelt IV (Secretary)
  • Albert Gore (Chairman)
  • Larry Schweiger, president, National Wildlife Federation
  • Sherwood Boehlert, former GOP Representative
  • Orin Kramer, Boston Provident, L.P.
  • Kevin Wall, CEO, Control Room
  • Wangari Maathai, Founder, The Green Belt Movement
  • Joseph Stiglitz, professor, Columbia University

Previous Officers and Board Members:

  • Cathy Zoi, former CEO
  • Jeff Kumataka, former CFO
  • Erin Kassoy Falquier, former Solutions Director
  • Brian Hardwick, former Communications Director
  • Brent Scowcroft, former Director
  • Lee Thomas, former Director


In addition to the $10 million grants to Gore’s organization, Soros announced in 2009 that he would invest “$1 billion in clean-energy technology and create an organization to advise policy makers on environmental issues, and “establish a non-profit organization called the Climate Policy Initiative.  He said he would pledge “10 million a year for ten years,” to the Initiative:

It will be part advisory service, part policy developer and part watchdog,” said Thomas Heller, who is heading the initiative. Heller is a professor at Stanford University Law School whose expertise is in energy law and regulation and environmental law.2

If all of these plans come to fruition, Soros will invest at least two billion dollars in various climate change initiatives over the next decade.

1 The Glover Park Group created advertising and website materials promoting Carbon Cap legislation as the solution for the economic downturn.  The Alliance apparently does not consider this activity to be “lobbying,” for in response to the question “did the filing organization attempt to influence foreign, national, state, or local legislation, including any attempt to influence public opinion on a legislative matter or referendum through the use of . . . media advertisements,” the Alliance listed only $713,832 in expenses. – /client/acp/4


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